postheadericon JOINTS: How to strengthen them?

Want to permanently maintain the health of the joints – then be sure to pay due attention to the health of your feet. In the human body, there are a lot of joints that provide normal motor activity. These elements, depending on the function and location, are divided into simple and complex (connect more than 2 bones). Around the articular bag with a special lubricating fluid is located muscle tissue, fibers of ligaments and tendons, blood vessels and nerve endings. To strengthen and improve all these elements, it is necessary to ensure the proper nutrition of the joints. To do this, you must always revise your diet. Remove the harmful products from the menu, and replace them with useful ones.


Strengthening of the joints must begin with the identification and exclusion of factors that adversely affect the condition of the cartilaginous and connective tissue. Such diseases as arthritis and arthrosis can very quickly destroy the joint. However, there are additional factors that do not work so quickly, but also have a negative impact on motor activity. These include excessive physical exertion on the lower and upper limbs. If you want to keep your joints, athletics, gymnastics and figure skating it is better not to deal with or avoid heavy loads.

Human joints also grow old. The age of such elements may not coincide with the actual age of the person. Work associated with constant walking can be harmful to the joints and cartilage. However, from insufficient motor activity and malnutrition, the cartilages age even faster. How to choose the right firming diet for joints and cartilage. To do this, it is sufficient to exclude from the diet some products, and others to add.


To restore health to your joints, significantly prolong their youth, doctors recommend to refuse the use of the following products, because nutrition for joints should be correct.

  • Fatty meat, smoked meat, salted and dried fish, legumes.
  • Sweet carbonated drinks.
  • Sweets, baked goods, sweets. You can replace it with fresh fruit, marmalade, natural jelly.
  • Phosphate can gradually accumulate in the joint bag, and provoke the development of such a dangerous disease as osteoporosis. People caring about the health of their feet need to abandon the phosphate-containing products – condensed milk, buttery loaves, crab sticks, alcohol, sausage and processed cheese, fatty ice cream, etc.
  • Products with a high content of oxalic acid – spinach, radish and sorrel.
  • Coffee, tea, chocolate, liver. These products contain substances that can provoke the development of gout.

To improve and improve motor activity, it is not enough to eat products for joints, you need to cook all the food for a couple or bake in the oven. It is better to refuse fried dishes altogether.


Do not know how to properly strengthen the joints. Then be sure to consult a doctor. If you do not have time to go to the hospital, you can improve the motor activity, enriching the diet with useful dishes.

Doctors recommend the following products on a regular basis:

  • Products of a gelatinous consistency are very useful for the health of your joints. Mucopolysaccharides in large quantities are found in seafood, sea kale. Cook boiled broth and jellied fish and meat.
  • Natural collagen, contained in ordinary apples, also significantly strengthens the joints. Only to eat these fruits need to be together with the skin and raw. 1 apple a day will save you from arthritis or arthrosis.
  • Sulfur and selenium have a positive effect on the natural restoration of cartilaginous tissue. These minerals are in chicken, beef, eggs, sea fish, cabbage, mussels and shrimp.
  • Phosphorus prevents the absorption of calcium. To joints strengthened, you need to activate the withdrawal of this trace element from the body. To do this, eat more foods that contain iron – red meat, liver, eggs.
  • The joint bag is surrounded by nerve endings. To ensure that these elements are always healthy and strong, you need to eat more prunes, nuts, green vegetables, cocoa and chocolate. These products contain magnesium, which favorably affects the nervous system.
  • An effective nutrition of joints is provided by vitamin C. This microelement protects cartilage tissue from natural aging and destruction. To enrich your body with vitamin C, eat more orange fruits, currants and dogrose.
  • Dairy and sour-milk products are useful for strengthening bones. Doctors recommend to use them in the morning or for lunch.
  • Enough saturation of the body with vitamin D allows you to accumulate calcium in the joints and strengthen them. This trace element is found in milk, egg yolks, natural butter.

Accumulation in the knee and elbow joints of salts adversely affects their health. To avoid this, you need to drink at least 1.5-2 liters of clean water a day.


People who are actively involved in sports are more likely than others to develop joint diseases. The thing is that the cartilage and ligaments of the athlete are constantly getting heavy loads, stretching. At first glance they are insignificant, and can not affect the motor activity. However, if this occurs systematically, the risk of developing arthritis or arthrosis increases at times.

You want to protect yourself, then be sure to pick up the load yourself, and also carefully monitor your diet. As a rule, the athlete does not have enough vitamins and microelements, which he receives with regular food. To make up the reserves of useful substances, additionally take special supplements, sports nutrition and a complex of vitamins, which helps to strengthen joints.

The most useful supplements for athletes are chondroitin and glucosamine. Let’s consider their properties in more detail.

  • Glucosamine – a substance that directly participates in the process of formation of ligaments and cartilaginous tissue. This additive allows you to tie the cells of the joint, envelops them with a lubricant, strengthens cartilage and tendons. Such a drug can be taken as a prophylaxis of all the most common articular pathologies.
  • Chondroitin is a component that is part of the cartilage tissue. It is recommended to take this supplement with glucosamine, so it is better absorbed, and the desired effect is achieved more quickly. Chondroitin makes the cartilage more elastic, reduces the risk of injury to the joint and soft tissues.

Before using additional supplements, always consult a doctor or trainer. Always take care of the health of your joints, eat right, give up bad habits. To ensure that the cartilage only experienced the load, exercise correctly. It is best to ask a professional trainer to develop the most suitable program for you.